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Back-to-school sales tax holiday in Mo. this weekend

(via Flickr/alkruse24)

Back-to-school shoppers in Missouri are getting a break this weekend, asthe state’s annual sales tax holidayis in effect.

Today through Sunday, shoppers don’t have to pay the state sales tax on clothing items under $100 a piece, school supplies of up to $50 per purchase, computer software purchases up to $350, and computers and accessories up to $3,500.

Ted Farnen is with the Missouri Department of Revenue.

“It’s called the Back-to-School sales tax holiday because of the time of year that it takes place, and because many of the items are associated with going back to school," Farnen said.  "But you do not have to be a student, you don’t have to have a student in your family or even know a student to participate in the holiday.”

The holiday also applies to local sales taxes, except where city and county governments have opted out. 169 cities and 50 counties in Missouri won’t be participating.

“Now, in those areas you can still get the state sales tax waived, so no matter where you buy the items in the state, at minimum you’re going to save 4.225 percent," Farnen said.  "But in other cities and counties that are participating, the savings rate can be usually anywhere between 7 and 8 [percent.]”

Marshal was a political reporter for St. Louis Public Radio until 2018.