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St. Louis Public Radio Murrow Award Entry 2016: Overall Excellence

This is a compilation of some of the reporting the journalists at St. Louis Public Radio did during 2015. The stories are a mix of features, spots and podcasts. Some of the stories have been shortened to fit them into the allotted time for the Murrow Award entry.

NFL Rams: St. Louis’ NFL football team owner, Stan Kroenke, started making plans to move his team out of St. Louis in 2014. We covered the issue from its inception to its resolution in 2016. The radio pieces in this mix represent a sliver of the coverage provided by Jason Rosenbaum.

  • 00:00 The impact of a Rams move, feature by Jason Rosenbaum
  • 01:33 Paying to keep the Rams, spot, Jason Rosenbaum
  • 02:32 Political efforts surrounding the Rams, feature, Jason Rosenbaum
  • 04:05 St. Louis’ attempt to keep the Rams, spot, Jason Rosenbaum


Transportation: One issue plaguing the state in 2015 was lack of funding for transportation.

  • 05:01 Transportation infrastructure, feature, Joseph Leahy.


Arch Anniversary: St. Louis’ iconic Arch turned 50 years old in 2015. St. Louis Public Radio had a series of stories telling the story of how the Arch came to be, the controversies surrounding it, interviews with people who built it and several unexpected stories.

  • 05:50 The monument across from the Arch, feature, Mary Leonard
  • 07:00 Builders recount finishing the Arch, feature, Mary Leonard


Arson outbreak: Fires were set in several churches around St. Louis. It took authorities a while to catch the arsonists responsible.

  • 8:40 Burned church finds new home, spot, Stephanie Lecci

Education: St. Louis Public Schools, the region’s largest district, is trying to find buyers for its vacant school buildings.

  • 09:27 School building for sale, feature, Tim Lloyd

Opiates and addiction: Many parts of the country are grappling with an epidemic of heroin abuse. The station did a three-part series on the problem in our region.

  • 11:38 Part three: The challenges of getting treatment, feature, Camille Phillips

State Auditor Schweich’s suicide: In late February, Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Schweich was running for the Republican nomination for governor and rumors swirled that his suicide was the result of political bullying.

  • 13:13 Schweich’s suicide breaking news, super-spot, Jo Mannies
  • 14:51 Remembrance of Schweich, feature, Jason Rosenbaum
  • 16:09 Rumors of why Schweich committed suicide, spot, Jo Mannies
  • 17:05 Police investigation confirms suicide as cause of death, spot, Rachel Lippmann

Criminal justice: A report about Missouri’s treatment of juveniles in the state’s criminal justice system raised all kinds of questions.

  • 17:55 Juvenile justice, feature, Rachel Lippmann

Arts and culture

  • 19:25 Medical students pay tribute to their cadavers, feature, Willis Ryder Arnold
  • 21:07 Two millennials attempt to revive a dead language, feature, Stephanie Lecci
  • 22:42 Dwindling funding for the Griot Museum, feature, Nancy Fowler

Anniversary of Michael Brown’s death: St. Louis Public Radio produced several features in advance of the anniversary of #Ferguson that looked at what has -- and hasn’t -- changed and what people caught up in the action are doing now. In addition, we created a special audio-slide show online calledOne Year In Ferguson. It took people through the events surrounding Brown’s death, the protests that followed, the grand jury’s decision and the fallout from that. During the weekend of the anniversary, some of the protests grew violent and the county executive called for a state of emergency.

  • 24:07 Planned civil disobedience, spot, Camille Phillips
  • 25:03 Commemorative concert, spot, Willis Ryder Arnold
  • 25:57 Reviewing the year in Ferguson, feature, Jason Rosenbaum
  • 28:04 Businesses recovering in Ferguson, feature, Maria Altman
  • 29:31 Catching up with the Moores, feature, Durrie Bouscaren
  • 32:13 Anniversary protest coverage, spot, Durrie Bouscaren
  • 33:06 Impact of state of emergency, spot, Jason Rosenbaum

Podcast As a result of Ferguson, St. Louis Public Radio created We Live Here, which explores issues of systemic racism and how they affect everyone who lives in the region (and nation). In early November, protests at the state’s flagship university, the University of Missouri Columbia, led to the resignation of the university system’s president as well as Columbia’s chancellor.

  • 33:52  Why had no one asked Tim Wolfe about race before? podcast, Tim Lloyd and Kameel Stanley


  • 40:00 August 21, 2015

Shula is the executive editor at St. Louis Public Radio.