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Blunt campaign pulls video from website

GOP U.S. Senate nominee Roy Blunt attends the Mo. State Fair in Sedalia.
Marshall Griffin, St. Louis Public Radio
GOP U.S. Senate nominee Roy Blunt attends the Mo. State Fair in Sedalia.

By Marshall Griffin, St. Louis Public Radio

Jefferson City, Mo. – A video clip posted to Missouri Republican U.S. Senate nominee Roy Blunt's YouTube site has been removed, following a complaint by Democratic nominee Robin Carnahan.

The clip shows a photo of World Trade Center rubble, along with part of a radio interview in which Carnahan said she would not try to tell New Yorkers what to do in regards to a proposed mosque near Ground Zero.

Carnahan called on Blunt to pull the ad and apologize.

"I am disappointed that someone would stoop so low as to exploit the pain that so many people suffered on that day," Carnahan said. "I don't think it makes a lot of sense to divide people in this way."

When Blunt was asked about the video while visiting the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, he objected to the question.

"Did you ask her for a year about the League of Conservation Voters' ads?" Blunt said. "We called for her to call for them to remove these ads, and you never asked her this question...I don't know what ad you're talking about."

A spokesman for Blunt later said that the Congressman was not aware of the video, and that it was posted by someone who "got carried away." It has since been changed to show Carnahan with President Obama, but still contains the same audio.

Meanwhile, the Carnahan campaign has altered a TV ad that originally did not have a written disclaimer at the end, as required by the Federal Elections Commission. Carnahan says the ad now has the proper disclaimer.