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Blunt launches coalition to speak to women voters

By Adam Allington, St. Louis Public Radio

St. Louis, MO – Republican Congressman and U.S. Senate candidate Roy Blunt is bringing his campaign message to women voters.

Blunt has tapped former-U.S. Attorney Catherine Hanaway to chair Blunt's "Women for Roy Blunt" coalition launched on Monday.

Hanaway also served as the first female speaker of the Missouri House. She says Blunt's opponent, Secretary of State Robin Carnahan has not addressed the issues that matter most to female voters.

"She's [Carnahan] never had to make a decision based on the national security interests of this country," said Hanaway. "She's never cast a vote that has to do with education. She hasn't ever done anything except voice an opinion in favor of Obamacare."

Hanaway also ran and lost to Carnahan in a 2004 race for Missouri Secretary of State.

As chair of "Women for Roy Blunt" coalition, she says female voters will play a big role in Blunt campaign message.

"Women often are the deciders in an election, they aren't as affiliated with one party or another, they're swing voters," notes Hanaway. "So, they make up their minds based on the individual and the track record."

Current polling data has Congressman Blunt leading Carnahan by a 5.3percent average.

The Carnahan campaign is focusing on Blunts 14 years in Washington in casting him as a Washington-insider.