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Republican challenger for St. Louis County Executive calls for ending 'take home' cars

Bill Corrigan
(photo: Adam Allington/St. Louis Public Radio)
Bill Corrigan

By Adam Allington, St. Louis Public Radio

St. Louis, MO – The Republican candidate for St. Louis County Executive says Charlie Dooley should discontinue the practice of allowing department heads to use county cars.

Republican attorney Bill Corrigan made the statements following several media reports that St. Louis County pays for some 34 so-called "take home cars".

Corrigan says at a time when many taxpayers are suffering, offering public employees personal cars and gas cards is just wrong.

"A lot of these folks are just using their car to commute," says Corrigan. "No one in the private sector gets a free car and free gas for unlimited personal use, it just doesn't happen."

Bill Corrigan says the practice of allowing department heads the use of county vehicles is "offensive" to taxpayers and if elected, he says he would end the practice immediately, including for himself.

"I can't imagine why the director of human services, the director of revenue, the director of planning, the director of administration are driving all over St. Louis County and need a car. Why can't they just submit their legitimate government-related mileage to be reimbursed?"

Charlie Dooley drives a taxpayer-funded Chevy Impala.

A spokesman for Dooley says the practice of providing take-home cars for some employees is a longstanding practice and is considered part of compensation.