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Chinese biotech leaders pay a visit to St. Louis

Chinese biotech leaders gather at the RCGA in St. Louis.
(Photo credit: V. LaCapra)
Chinese biotech leaders gather at the RCGA in St. Louis.

By Veronique LaCapra, St. Louis Public Radio

St. Louis, MO – A delegation of about 40 Chinese biotech company leaders and investors are in St. Louis this week, looking for potential business and partnering opportunities.

Dr. Jun Ren is the CEO of the Shanghai Newsummit Biopharma Group, and the spokesperson for the Chinese biotech delegation.

He says he hopes the trip will strengthen the relationship between St. Louis and China in the life sciences and biotech industries.

"We can try to establish the bridge, like the arch, to bring much more Chinese company to St. Louis, and also welcome much more of St. Louis's company in China."

The Regional Chamber and Growth Association is hosting the trip. RCGA President and CEO Dick Fleming also hopes the delegation's visit will open the door for St. Louis-based biotech companies to locate operations in China.

"And we're looking for many of these companies here visiting us, of these 40 Chinese companies, to see St. Louis and the Bio Belt here as an opportunity to locate their U.S. operations, or to develop U.S. operations here."

While in St. Louis, the Chinese delegation will visit a number of plant and life sciences institutions, including Washington University, the Center for Emerging Technologies, and the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center.

The delegation is making stops in St. Louis, San Francisco, and Research Triangle Park in North Carolina on its way to the Bio International Convention in Chicago.