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Nixon plans to cut 1,000 state employees

By Dan Verbeck, KCUR/ St. Louis Public Radio

Kansas City, MO. – Another 1,000 Missouri state employees will lose their jobs.

Governor Jay Nixon talked about the latest plan to reduce government spending Tuesday while speaking at the University of Missouri Kansas City.

Eighteen hundred state employees have been trimmed since the Democrat took office.

The state is facing $500 million shortfall in the budget for next fiscal year.

Many of the newest cuts will come from child support offices at the county level, according to the governor.

"The biggest piece we're looking at is a project to get some models to privatize some of the child support collections, especially in the modification area where I think, that being one of our targets, that's in the hundreds of employees," Nixon said.

The governor also laid out plans to reduce state employee travel by 10 percent and to cut 48,000 square feet in leased space.