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Enforcement of 1995 Illinois abortion law delayed again

By Chicago Public Radio

Chicago – A controversial abortion notification law scheduled to go into effect Tuesday in Illinois has been pushed back.

On Wednesday, members of a state medical disciplinary board will discuss the measure.

It was passed in 1995, but has gone unenforced because of a federal injunction. That injunction was lifted in July.

The law requires physicians to notify a parent or guardian when a girl 17 or younger seeks an abortion. However it does not require parental consent.

Anti-abortion activists including Eric Schiedler have been trying to get the measure enforced for years.

"It's been 14 years, and during that time all the surrounding states have put parental involvement laws on the books, which means Illinois has become a dumping ground for abortion," Schiedler said.

Opponents say the law is irrational, and argue the state of Illinois allows pregnant minors to make other medical decisions without telling their parents.