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Illinois alcohol taxes to rise Tuesday

By Tony Arnold, WBEZ

Chicago – Taxes on liquor are set to go up Tuesday in Illinois, but how much more you pay in taxes depends on the alcohol content of your booze.

The rate goes up more for the hard stuff than beer or alcoholic cider. Still, many owners of small liquor stores are unhappy about the tax increase during a recession. Peter Vas owns Vas Foremost Liquors in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood.

"In this industry, we're used to getting taxed all the time," Vas said. "Taxes are always going up in our business, but, you know, what are you going to do? It's like the old expression: you can't fight city hall."

Vas said customers may start going for the cheaper gins or vodkas over the high end products.

Lawmakers approved the tax increase to help pay for a $31 billion construction plan.

Taxes on candy and personal hygiene products are also scheduled to go up tomorrow.