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Missouri summer camp sends 31 kids home with flu-like symptoms

By Catherine Wolf, KWMU

Lesterville, MO –

Thirty one children at a summer camp in Lesterville, Missouri, have been sent home with flu-like symptoms, and five have tested positive for Type A influenza.

Swine flu belongs to the Type A category.

Missouri Department of Health spokesman Kit Wagar said it's possible some of the kids could have swine flu.

"The H-1-N-1 is a subtype, it's sort of a category of Type A influenza, so you know there's a good chance that some of these are H-1-N-1's, but there's really nothing special about that."

Wagar said most recent cases have been mild, and he's not sure whether the department will test the children specifically for swine flu.

"People have not been hospitalized. You know, they have been ill for a couple of days and then, especially with anti-viral medication, their bodies fought off the virus and they've gotten better."

The camp primarily serves low-income children from St. Louis.