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Interlock device law takes effect in Mo.

By Marshall Griffin, KWMU

Jefferson City, MO – Officials in Missouri are notifying the public about the state's new ignition interlock law, which takes effect July 1.

A person who has one in his or her car has to blow into it and not be intoxicated in order for the vehicle to start.

Anyone convicted of two or more alcohol-related offenses will have to have the device installed in their vehicle for six months if they want their driving privileges back.

Ted Farnham is with the Missouri Department of Revenue. He warns those subject to the new law against trying to circumvent it.

"The penalties for these offenses are stiff. It's better to get through the expense and the inconvenience of having this device in your car for six months rather than tempt fate and possibly get a much more severe punishment," Farnham said.

Farnham added that past offenders whose driving privileges have not yet been reinstated will also be subject to the new law.

It's estimated that 70,000 Missourians could be affected by the new ignition interlock device law.