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Blagojevich attorney; tapes are just talk


Springfield, IL – Federal prosecutors have asked a judge to allow Illinois lawmakers considering whether or not to attempt impeachment against Governor Rod Blagojevich to hear some of the phone conversations recorded by investigators

US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald filed the necessary paperwork on Monday. He says releasing four phone calls won't interfere with his ongoing criminal investigation.

Blagojevich was arrested 20 days ago on federal corruption charges. Prosecutors say the most damning evidence comes from the wiretaps,where they say Blagojevich is heard conspiring to appoint a Senator in exchange for money, shake down a campaign donation from an administrator of a children's hospital and offer state help to the Tribune company if the firm fired editorial writers.

Blagojevich's attorney Ed Genson says it's not enough to impeach.

"There's nothing in that tape that shows people were asked to give money or campaign contributions or anything. it's just talk."

The hearings are on hold until a judge rules on the release of the tapes.