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Quinn to lawmakers: stay in over the holidays if necessary to impeach Blagojevich


Sprngfield, IL – Illinois Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn says state lawmakers should act quickly to impeach Governor Rod Blagojevich.

He's among a growing chorus of elected officials calling on the governor to resign. But since Blagojevich has showed no indication he's willing to do so, Quinn says it's the General Assembly's responsibility to act.

"I don't think the legislature next Monday should fail to address the issue of impeachment and move forward on it immediately. And if they don't they're not listening to the voters," he said. A new poll from the Glenngarriff Group shows Blagojevich with an 8 percent approval rating.

Quinn says lawmakers should work through Christmas if necessary to get Blagojevich out of office.

"This is the holidays, obviously everyone wants to be with their family and enjoy the holiday. But public interest and your oath of office comes first," he said, adding that Blagojevich is incapable of pulling the state out of its financial crisis.

The General Assembly is scheduled to return to Springfield Monday to contemplate stripping the governor of his power to appoint someone to fill Barack Obama's Senate seat, an effort Quinn opposes. He would become governor if Blagojevich leaves office.