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New year brings ethanol requirement for gasoline in Missouri

By Matt Sepic, KWMU

St. Louis – The new year will bring new requirements for gas stations in Missouri. Nearly all the fuel sold must contain ethanol.

The law requires most gasoline sold here to be 10 percent ethanol or E-10.

High-octane gas is exempt, as are marine and aircraft fuels. If the price of ethanol rises above that of gasoline, the mandate does not apply.

Most Missouri drivers are already using E-10 because its cheaper than standard gasoline, and in St. Louis it has been the norm for years because of federal air quality mandates.

The new law is called the Missouri Renewable Fuel Standard Act. But some environmentalists say ethanol is anything but renewable, because farmers must use large quantities diesel fuel and fertilizer to grow the corn needed for it. Also, ethanol production plants use natural gas and water.

The law makes Missouri the third state with a widespread ethanol mandate, behind Minnesota and Hawaii.