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Bill would fine retailers for not removing recalled toys

By Marshall Griffin, KWMU

Jefferson City, MO – A bill in the Missouri House would fine retail outlets for not removing recalled toys and kids' products from their store shelves.

Under current law such recalls are voluntary. Democratic House Member Margaret Donnelly of St. Louis says her bill would bar sales of all unsafe products and make recalls mandatory in Missouri.

"I believe we really do have to go beyond saying that it's voluntary to remove the products from the shelves, and that's what this bill would do, is require the product to be removed from the shelves," Donnelly said.

Retailers would be fined up to $500 per day for not removing products found to be unsafe, and the Attorney General would be granted authority to investigate and prosecute violations.

Donnelly also happens to be one of three Democrats running for Missouri Attorney General.

At a press conference in Jefferson City on Wednesday, she displayed a collection of toys that have been the subject of recent recalls.

"When corporations abuse their power and influence to defraud consumers, or when they produce shoddy products, the state must step in to defend and protect Missourians, particularly children, from this kind of illegal activity," Donnelly said.