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SIU board president stands by Poshard


Carbondale, Ill. – Another round of plagiarism accusations aimed at an SIU administrator is causing one board member to urge caution.

University president Glenn Poshard is alleged to have "lifted" parts of his 1984 doctoral dissertation.

But the chairman of SIU's board of trustees says that panel is standing behind Poshard. And Trustee Sam Goldman says this is an issue of intent versus error.

"In my judgment, based on what I know, there was error here," Poshard said. "It should have been caught but it wasn't. But I don't see a problem here of intent. That's not Glenn. Glenn doesn't do that, of that I am convinced."

This is the latest in a string of allegations from a group calling itself "alumni and faculty against corruption at SIU, which targeted former chancellor Walter Wendler and his Southern at 150 plan last year.

After the accusations against Wendler came to light, a task force was convened to look into his southern at 150 work.

That group has since disbanded after recommending a clarification of the university's plagiarism definitions and policies.