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Horse born, baby cheetahs make debut

By Tom Weber, KWMU

St. Louis, MO – Two organizations that care for animals in St. Louis made separate announcements today (Wed.) regarding babies.

The Humane Society announced that one of the horses it rescued from a trailer wreck last year on I-44 has given birth.

That trailer was headed for a slaughterhouse, but the Humane Society gained ownership of the 26 horses that survived.

Mama the horse was pregnant at the time and had a foal last week; both animals are reportedly doing well.

Also today (Wed.), the St. Louis Zoo put three cheetah cubs on public display for the first time.

The cubs were born last year but kept behind the scenes with mom until now.

There was a fourth cub in the litter, but it died when it was a month old. It's the first litter of cheetahs born at the zoo since 1992.

The cheetahs, born to first-time mother Lucia are named Zuri (female), Makini (female), and Kgosi (male). The new horse doesn't have a name yet, and the Humane Society is holding an online vote to let people help pick a name. Choices include Longmeadow's Second Chance, Phoenix, and and others.