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Officer unseated as ESL Mayor; school issues pass

Carl Officer was also mayor for most of the 1980's (file photo)
Carl Officer was also mayor for most of the 1980's (file photo)


St. Louis, MO – Elections Tuesday in Illinois included a changing of the guard at East St. Louis City Hall. Former City Manager Alvin Parks narrowly won that city's Mayor's job over incumbent Carl Officer.

The mayors of Collinsville, Fairview Heights, and Cahokia all won re-election, but Gail Mitchell by far had the toughest time in Fairview Heights. Unofficial returns show just a five-vote win for Mitchell.

Also on Tuesday, ballot questions passed in the Edwardsville and O'Fallon school districts. The vote in Edwardvsille was for a $58.3 million bond, while the O'Fallon vote will allow $37 million for a new school that will only house ninth graders.

In Carbondale, Ill. Shelia Simon - the daughter of the late Senator Paul Simon - lost a bid for that city's mayor to incumbent Brad Cole.

IL Local Election 2007
East St. Louis - Mayor
Candidate Votes (%)
Alvin Parks 3,730 (50.1%)
Carl Officer (inc.) 3,697 (49.7%)
Collinsville- Mayor
Candidate Votes (%)
Stan Schaeffer (inc.) 214 (60%)
Joy Springer 145 (40%)
Fairview Heights - Mayor
Candidate Votes (%)
Vic Canty 1,610 (49.8%)
Gail Mitchell (inc.) 1,615 (49.9%)
Cahokia - President
Candidate Votes (%)
Frank Bergman (inc.) 1,808 (52%)
Ken Spisak 1,634 (47%)
O'Fallon District 203 - Bond Issue?
Answer Votes (%)
Yes 4,151 (72%)
No 1,618 (28%)
Edwardsville District 7 - Bond Issue?
Answer Votes (%)
Yes 5,875 (61%)
No 3,699 (39%)
Carbondale - Mayor
Candidate Votes (%)
Sheila Simon 1,699 (43%)
Brad Cole (inc.) 2,201 (56%)