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Voter ID effort renewed in Missouri

By Marshall Griffin, KWMU

Jefferson City, MO – There's a renewed effort to require Missourians to show photo I.D.'s when they vote. A similar law passed last year was declared unconstitutional.

Rep. Bill Deaken (R-Jefferson City) says this proposed law differs from the one thrown out last year, in that it allows people to vote without a photo ID under certain circumstances.

"If you say you haven't had time to go get it, if you'll fill out an affidavit, and have 2 judges sign it," Deaken said. "You don't get a provisional ballot, you get THE regular ballot."

Exemptions would be allowed based on age, disability, and religious beliefs.

But Secretary of State Robin Carnahan opposes the bill. She says the notion of voter ID fraud in Missouri is a myth.

"There've been a lot of accusations," Carnahan says. "It's one of those topics where, sort of like the myth of Bigfoot or, you know, the Loch Ness Monster.

"You can talk about the myth, and the more you talk about the myth, it seems like it might be a reality."

Carnahan also says requiring voters to show photo I.D.'s would cost the state $35 million dollars over three years.