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Senate begins debate on HealthNet bill

Missouri State Capitol.
Missouri State Capitol.

By Marshall Griffin, KWMU

Jefferson City, MO. – The Missouri Senate has begun the first debate of the Governor's Missouri HealthNet proposal, which is set to replace the state's current Medicaid system.

The bill would place more low-income people under a managed care-type system and pay doctors according to their performance.

The sponsor, G.O.P. Floor Leader Charlie Shields of St. Joseph, says it will also reward people for adopting healthy lifestyles.

"It moves from an old Medicaid 'pay when somebody gets sick' system to a Missouri HealthNet program that provides a health improvement plan for all participants in Medicaid," Senator Shields said.

Senate Democrats have been offering up amendments to try to restore Medicaid cuts made two years ago, as their House counterparts tried last week.

The bill's final version could be ready by the end of the week.