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Rapper Ali Jones tasered, arrested by Hazelwood police


Hazelwood, MO – Ali Jones, who founded Nelly's St. Lunatics crew, was Tasered by Hazelwood police and arrested this weekend after a routine traffic stop.

Hazelwood Police say Jones resisted arrest and kicked the arresting officer, a claim Jones denies. Jones, who performs under the name Ali, claims the officer stunned him numerous times without provocation.

"My back is a mess," Jones said of the electricity burns he sustained. "He Tased me repeatedly over and over."

Jones was arrested Saturday and charged with third-degree assault on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest and property damage.

Jones, 34, who is black, and appeared on many of Nelly's early recordings, said the white officer made several racial remarks during the traffic stop.

Jones said he was driving on an expired license but "there is no way that I could kick him from the back seat."