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Chicago still alive in bid to host 2016 Olympics

By Shawn Allee, Illinois Public Radio

Chicago, Ill. – The U.S. Olympic Committee announced Wednesday which cities are still in the running to host the 2016 Summer Games, and Chicago is one of them.

The International Olympic Committee's Bob Ctvrlik says the city that works, just might work as a host city. "Chicago put forth a very bold and innovative plan," he said Wednesday.

Ctvrlik was mum on what made Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco so competitive among U.S. cities. But he and others were clear they disliked portions of Chicago's bid.

In particular, it said the city's plan to host opening and closing ceremonies in two separate stadiums at the same time just won't fly. "But we felt that, given feedback, given some work, assuming the political will is there, they can revise their plans to make their plans satisfactory to the international sports movement," Ctvrlik added.

To stay in the running, Chicago will have to submit its revised plan this fall.