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Talent, Bond vote against stem cell money; Durbin, Obama support it

By Bill Raack, KWMU / AP

Washington, DC – The legislation to increase federal funding for embryonic stem cell research that won approval in the U.S. Senate Tuesday had the support of Illinois' two Senators, Dick Durbin and Barack Obama, but was opposed by Missouri Republicans Kit Bond and Jim Talent.

Democratic state Auditor Claire McCaskill, who's running for Talent's seat, criticized her likely opponent in the November election.

President Bush plans to veto the funding today (Wed.), which McCaskill says will be a mistake.

"We need to allow women who have surplus eggs in fertility clinics that are going to be put in the trash, it is appropriate that we give them the opportunity to say 'I want like, instead of that egg to be thrown away, I would like it to save a life," McCaskill said Tuesday.

Talent says he voted against the bill because it would use tax dollars to fund research that would destroy human life at the earliest stages.