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Governor signs voter I.D. bill

Missouri Capitol.


Jefferson City, MO. – A bill requiring people to show a photo I.D. before they can vote starting this fall was signed into law by Governor Matt Blunt Wednesday.

Republican supporters say the change is necessary to prevent fraud in elections and to give people confidence that legitimate votes aren't being watered down.

But opponents, including Michelle Bishop with the Missouri Disability Vote Project, say they're worried that there won't be much time before the new requirements take effect in November.

"Our concern is that in attempting to deter voter fraud we may also deter people from voting, by erecting new barriers to voting, getting to your polling place, having to have that photo I.D., needing to get a birth certificate if you don't have one, in order to obtain that photo I.D., can be a big barrier for people with disabilities," Bishop said.

In response to such concerns, the Missouri Department of Revenue will begin offering free, non-driver photo I.D. cards Thursday.

People without an I.D. this fall can still cast provisional ballots, which will be verified later.