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Aldermen pass ban on loud car stereos

By Matt Sepic, KWMU

St. Louis – The St. Louis Board of Aldermen today passed a bill that would prohibit excessively loud car stereo systems in the city.

A separate measure would allow police to impound a vehicle with such an audio system.

Alderman Freeman Bosley Senior voted FOR the bills. He says loud car stereos hurt the quality of life in many neighborhoods.

"Just think if you're at church, and church services are going on, and they come down the street saying some of those horrible words that they say in those songs," Bosley said. "Just think if your children were at preschool."

A first-time offender would face a minimum $250 fine, plus impound lot fees and court costs.

But Alderman Steve Conway says the seizure provision is too excessive. He says police don't even impound cars involved in fatal accidents.

"We have an inordinate number of ordinances that they would be in a variety of violations of anyway, that could be enforced if they wanted to enforce them," Conway said.

The bill would prohibit amplifiers over 300 watts, speakers over a foot in diameter as well as external speakers.

There is no word yet if Mayor Francis Slay plans to sign it.