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UM considers fixed tuition for freshman


Columbia, MO. – University of Missouri President Elson Floyd says he would like to see a fixed tuition rate for next year's incoming freshmen, and he's taking his idea on the road.

Next week Floyd begins a two-month statewide tour seeking input from Missourians.

Floyd proposes a fixed tuition rate that would allow a freshman student to lock in a per-credit fee for four to five years, as long as the student stays enrolled full-time.

Floyd says such a measure could increase graduation rates and make financial planning easier for families.

"We have to do something as a university, to make sure that we keep our education affordable, keep access and opportunity open for students," Floyd said. "This is one approach, one concept, we want to make sure we understand where Missourians are in this particular question."

Some student groups have already expressed concern. They say they worry about subsequent freshmen classes having to bear a disproportionate share of the cost, if state funding decreases.

Floyd stresses that no decision has been made yet, and says he hopes to present the idea to the Board of Curators in October and if approved, have the plan in place by summer 2006.