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STL County smoking ban will likely add exemptions

By Tom Weber, KWMU

St. Louis, MO. – The sponsor of the proposed smoking ban in St. Louis County says more exemptions will probably be added.

County Councilman Kurt Odenwald first proposed a complete smoking ban for all public buildings in St. Louis County.

That's since been pared back to allow some smoking in places like casinos and bowling alleys.

But even that wasn't enough to guarantee passage Tuesday, which is why a vote was delayed.

Odenwald says there will probably be changes to allow smoking in some bars.

"We had really backed away from that and tried to do an all-or-nothing approach because we really felt that was the fairest," Odenwald said. "But it's apparent the bars and taverns have enough support with enough council members that we're going to have to address that issue."

Odenwald also says pressure from Harrah's Casino means there will probably be changes in the casino smoking part of the bill.