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Praxair must wait for answers

Praxair fire.
Praxair fire.

By Tom Weber, KWMU

St. Louis, MO. – Crews continue their work to clean up the Praxair plant in South St. Louis.

The facility caught fire last week causing tanks of flammable gases to explode and shoot debris into the nearby neighborhood.

Investigators say they think the fire started in the southeast corner of the property.

But Praxair spokesman Nigel Muir says they won't be able to carefully study that so-called Hot Zone just yet.

He says crews have to first stabilize and remove all other cylinders on the property that were burned or damaged.

"We have experts in the company who are familiar with seeing cylinders that have been damaged," Muir said. "They know precisely how to treat them and render them safe. It just takes experts to do it."

Muir says he also expects company officials are willing to attend a Lafayette Square neighborhood meeting Thursday night to discuss the fire.