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Angelica Corporation and union reach tentative contract

By Maria Hickey

St. Louis, MO – St. Louis-based Angelica Corporation, the country's largest launderer of hospital linens, has reached a tentative contract with the union that represents most of its workers.

The agreement with Unite Here covers nine of the company's 35 plants.

The union had threatened a strike last month over safety issues and the organization of non-union plants.

Angelica's assistant general council Carla Laszewski says the two sides both realized it's best to when they work together.

"We look forward to a productive relationship and realize that working together is in our mutual best interest," Laszewski said.

Laszewski says Angelica has agreed to work with union if future safety issues arise.

Unite Here spokeswoman Amanda Cooper says it's a strong contract.

"The wage increases are the largest that these workers have seen, there's a lot of strong language that gives workers voice on the job and opportunity to deal with problems as they arise," Cooper said.

Cooper says workers at the nine plants will likely get a chance to vote on the contract this week.