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Joyce Looking For Other Ways to Charge Beine


St. Louis, MO – The St. Louis City Circuit Attorney, Jennifer Joyce, says she's reviewing old files in hopes of finding another case against James Beine.

Joyce says she thinks Beine, a former Catholic priest who is also known as Mar James, is dangerous and should not be free.

But Beine could be free in as few as 15 days because the Missouri Supreme Court overturned his conviction Tuesday.

He was imprisoned on sexual misconduct charges, having been convicted of exposing himself to three boys in a restroom at a St. Louis school.

Beine was also facing child pornography charges, which were dropped when he was convicted on the state charges.

Missouri's high court ruled the law that Beine was convicted of violating is too broad, and could punish innocent behavior. Joyce fears that interpretation could mean more inmates would be released.