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Profiles of Alan Keyes, Barack Obama

Alan Keyes (l) and Barack Obama (r)
Alan Keyes (l) and Barack Obama (r)

By Illinois Public Radio

chicago, IL – Voters in Illinois will pick a new U.S. Senator next month to replace the retiring Peter Fitzgerald. Democrat Barack Obama faces Republican Alan Keyes.

Keyes has run for President before, but he's only lived and campaigned in Illinois for a few weeks.

He wasn't the original party nominee; Jack Ryan dropped out of the race this summer.

Illinois Public Radio's Carlos Hernandez Gomez has this look at the candidacy of the 53-year old Keyes.

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Democrat Barack Obama maintains a commanding lead over Republican Alan Keyes in the race for U.S. Senate in Illinois.

Few had heard of Obama when the campaign season started, but he has since become a political celebrity across the nation.

Illinois Public Radio's Jay Field has this report on Obama's rise in fame, and the challenges it may present if Illinoisans send him to Washington.

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