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Metro Raises Bus, Train Fares


By Kevin Lavery, KWMU

St. Louis – Mass transit fares in St. Louis are going up. Friday, Metro's board of directors approved a fare hike for both bus and light rail service.

Starting June 28, fares will increase from a $1.25 to a $1.50. Monthly passes will cost five dollars more, and weekly passes will increase by one dollar.

The vote drew sharp criticism from opponents. Ken McCoy with the group ACORN told board members many inner city riders on fixed incomes cannot afford higher fees.

"St. Louis is becoming a third world city, and this agency is leading the charge," McCoy said. "Enough is enough! You can't ask these people to pay any more for a public transportation system that's in the shape that this one is in."

The elderly and disabled rider fee will also increase from 60 cents to 75 cents.

Metro says it must raise fares to help make up a $6 million deficit next year.