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Cheney Blasts Kerry in Missouri


Fulton, Mo. – Vice President Cheney says John Kerry's record is filled with "irresponsible" votes against important weapons systems. And he says such votes supply "ample grounds" to doubt the Democrat's ability to serve as commander-in-chief.

Cheney leveled his blast during a speech at Westminster College in the mid-Missouri town of Fulton. That's where Winston Churchill delivered his "Iron Curtain" speech, setting the tone for the Cold War.

Cheney says Kerry voted to cancel missiles, planes and other systems that were crucial to America's victory in the Cold War, and has voted to cut spending on other weapons in the war on terror.

Democratic Party chief Terry McAuliffe calls the vice president's assertions "misleading." And he says Cheney has little standing to criticize, having sought to kill 81 weapons systems during his years as secretary of defense, and to cut U.S. troop strength.

The president of Westminster College says he's "surprised and disappointed" that Vice President Dick Cheney used his speech to attack John Kerry.

Fletcher Lamkin writes in a campus-wide e-mail that in fairness to Kerry, he has invited the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee to speak at the Fulton campus.