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Study Shows Missouri Roads Cost Drivers

By Matt Sepic, KWMU

St. Louis – A study released Wednesday shows the poor condition of Missouri roads is costing each motorist $1,329 per year in extra vehicle maintenance and lost time.

The Road Information Program, or TRIP, says Missouri roads lack many modern safety features and cannot handle rising traffic demands.

Researcher Frank Moretti said in St. Louis, the problem is especially bad.

Ten years ago in St. Louis 33 percent of rush hour travel was considered congested," Moretti said. "Today that's increased to 58 percent. It means that more than half your trips when you get out there at rush hour are going to be on roads or highways that are going to be significantly congested."

A Missouri Department of Transportation spokeswoman said the study shows the need for more road funding in Missouri.

TRIP is a nonprofit organization funded by transportation-related industries.