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Blagojevich Releasing Money for WWII Memorial


Springfield, ILL. – Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich said Sunday he's releasing $750,000 for a World War II memorial in Springfield.

The memorial will join current memorials for those who fought in the Korean and Vietnam Wars already at Oak Ridge Cemetary, on the city's north side.

The governor made the announcement during Veteran's Day at the Illinois State Fair. He released about $600,000 earlier this year. He had been blocking the money, though, because it came from the pool of money used for pork projects.

That pool was filled with cash raised from the sale of bonds and set up lawmakers to allocate to their pet projects. Blagojevich blocked most of the money but has been releasing some bit by bit.

About 987,000 Illinois men and women served in the armed forces during the war; nearly 22,000 died.