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Cab Drivers Protest New Rules

(KWMU staff)

By Tom Weber, KWMU

St. Louis – More than 30 St. Louis cab drivers protested outside the temporary offices of the Regional Taxicab Commission Monday. They are upset with some new rules they now have to follow.

Last month the commission took over regulating both St. Louis City and County cabs.

The drivers say some rules, such as the requirement to retire old cars, make it hard for them to stay in business. They say they can't afford new ones.

However, the commission's Lou Hamilton says that rule is a phase-in, so cabbies have time to replace cars, though he also says he wants the oldest cars gone now.

"I have no apologizes for that," Hamilton said. "Our charge from the state is for the safety and convenience of the traveling public and a 20 or 22 year old car just doesn't make the grade."

Legal attempts to keep the commission from taking power all have failed so far.