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Ill. State Employees Asking Customers to Sign Petitions


Springfield, ILL. – A group of Illinois state employees is asking customers at DMV's to sign petitions opposing budget cuts.

Governor Rod Blagojevich cut $48 million from the Secretary of State's office right before he signed it into law last month. Secretary of State Jesse White then froze wages and cut jobs.

Now, taxpayers visiting secretary of state facilities are being asked by state employees to sign a petition opposing the cuts. The petition is addressed to Blagojevich and says the cuts will seriously damage the quality and efficiency of a vital public service.

The governor's office says the movement is a waste of official time. Others say they see nothing wrong with the petitions.

Union Local 73 represents the employees. And Local 73 President Christine Boardman says she plans to present the petitions to the governor within two weeks.