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Holden Uses Veto Pen 22 Times

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Jefferson City, MO – Missouri Governor Bob Holden Wednesday vetoed 22 pieces of legislation that passed this spring in the Republican-led Legislature.

Among the vetoes were measures that would have made women wait 24 hours before having an abortion, as well as language that would have placed new restrictions on personal injury lawsuits.

Lawmakers can try to override the vetoes in September.

Also struck down were bills prohibiting local governments from suing gun makers, and one allowing the state to issue bonds to bail out its unemployment insurance fund. Another veto targets a bill that would have let counties enhance their crime-fighting efforts, by allowing judges to impose new fees on some crimes.

Here is a list of the measures vetoed Wednesday by Governor Holden:

- Requires that 24 hours must pass between a first consultation with a doctor and the performance of an abortion.

HB257 - Allows specific agricultural tax credits to be taken on a quarterly basis and makes other revisions to agricultural laws, including the designation of an official state grass.

HB278 - Authorizes the conveyance of a temporary construction easement in St. Charles County for a right of way for the Knaust Road Improvement Project.

HB327 - Exempts contractors from paying sales tax on materials used in certain Department of Transportation projects, toughens background checks on bus drivers and bars heavy trucks from the left lanes of urban highways.

HB375 - Makes the county of origin of a deceased person responsible for any investigation in the case of a homicide, suicide, child fatality, or any unusual or suspicious death.

HB376 - Changes the organization that certifies deputy coroners from the County Officials Training Commission to the Missouri Coroners and Medical Examiners Association.

HB478 - Creates a special license plate for members of Optimist International.

HB479 - Creates a special license plate for members of the Missouri Society of Professional Engineers.

HB594 - Establishes procedures for disincorporation of a road district in Jasper County, including a requirement that 50 voters sign and submit a petition on the issue.

HB598 - Triples criminal penalties for fraud involving handicapped license plates and authorizes numerous new specialty license plates, including one for supporters of the National Rifle Association.

-Allows the state to issue up to $100 million in bonds to bolster its unemployment benefits system.

SB7 - Allows Pettis County to convey property to E.W. Thompson State School under the oversight of the state Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

SB13 - Bars cities, counties and the state from suing gun manufacturers.

SB29 - Prohibits time limits for candidate withdrawals from elections from being altered, set aside or ignored by courts.

SB69 - Creates a small business regulatory fairness board to review rules issued by state agencies.

SB84 - Allows on a quarterly basis tax credits for new generation agricultural cooperatives and new generation agricultural processors.

SB199 - Allows charges of up to $250 in cases where judges grant a suspended imposition of a sentence and lets counties set up special funds to receive and spend the money.

SB203 - States that a party requesting an administrative subpoena would enforce the subpoena at circuit court.

SB280 - Imposes new restrictions on medical malpractice claims and other personal injury lawsuits.

SB358 - States that the governing body of Platte County or any city in the county could approve annual operating expenditures from general revenue funds to local election boards.

SB401 - Increases the amount of money deposited from the Crime Victims' Compensation Fund to the state forensic laboratory account from $250,000 to $500,000.

SB425 - Makes various changes on how the place of death of an individual is determined, including cases in which a deceased person is moved from one state to another.