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Midwest Should Expect More Storms

By B. Raack, KWMU

St. Louis, Mo. – A National Weather Service meteorologist says the recent pattern of severe storms in the Midwest will continue for at least another week.

Jim Kramper says conditions are favorable for thunderstorms - and possible tornadoes - to develop almost every other day.

He says moisture from the Gulf of Mexico is combining with low-pressure systems from the Plains states and cooler air from the Northwest to create the turbulent weather.

"This pattern has not changed," Kramper said. "It will eventually. It won't stay here forever. At least...that's the same thing we said in '93, 'it won't stay this way forever' and it stayed that way for a month or two. But springtime's a pretty volatile time of year, so I'm pretty confident that this will break eventually."

Kramper is predicting possible severe weather for the St. Louis region this weekend and again by next Wednesday.