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Carnahan Makes Farewell Speech to U.S. Senate

By K. Lavery, KWMU

Washington, D.C. – In her last formal speech from the Senate floor Monday, Missouri Senator Jean Carnahan called her farewell a bittersweet moment. Carnahan says the 107th Congress addressed many important issues such as education reform and campaign finance laws, all while enduring difficulties such as anthrax attacks and heightened security. She says as the next Congress takes up the task without her, her prayers will be with them.

I leave realizing that to have served in the United States Senate for even a short while is an honor afforded very few in their lifetime. I'm forever grateful to the people of Missouri who've allowed me and my family to serve them for three generations," Carnahan said.

Carnahan lost her Senate re-election bid this month to former Republican congressman Jim Talent. The 108th Congress convenes in January.