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Missouri Congressional Delegation Supports Bush on Iraq


Washington, DC – Most Missourians in Congress say President Bush has made a convincing case for immediate action against Iraq.

Republican Senator Kit Bond says Bush was reiterating arguments that have won broad support on Capitol Hill. Democrat Jean Carnahan says she also plans to support the resolution on giving the President war-making powers, saying she believes Saddam Hussein is an imminent threat.

"He is indeed a threat not just to the region but to the whole world," Carnahan said. "And I think when [Bush] can convince people of that and the necessity of going forward, he will have people behind him. I expect we'll have about 80 votes in the Senate when the war resolution comes up."

Missouri's House members are all behind Bush as well, including Democratic party leaders Dick Gephardt and Roy Blunt. It was Gephardt who cut a deal with the White House to pave the way for House passage of the war resolution.