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Republicans have a plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act. How does that affect your family?

Rici Hoffarth | St. Louis Public Radio

Updated June 27 with a new timeline:

Republicans in the U.S. Senate said Tuesday they would delay a vote to pass their plan to replace the Affordable Care Act.

The Senate's Better Care Reconciliation Act would reduce the federal deficit by $321 billion and leave 22 million more people uninsured by 2026, according to Monday’s estimate by the Congressional Budget Office. Like the House plan, it slashes Medicaid and allows states to redefine what’s covered in a basic health insurance plan, in a bid to lower costs.

The Senate bill cuts taxes to corporations and the highest earners and repeals the ACA rule that everyone have coverage, with some exceptions. People would be freezed out of coverage for six months if they are uninsured for more than 63 days in the previous year. 

The measure affects one sixth of the U.S. economy, and was drafted without a single hearing or public debate. It would need 50 votes in the Senate, and approval in the House, before it can go to President Donald Trump for his signature.

I'm the health reporter for St. Louis Public Radio, and I'm curious about what you would like to know about the Republican bid to rewrite the nation's health care law. 

So, what questions do you have about what this bill means for you, your family or your doctor? Ask Curious Louis and I might follow up on your question.

A good Curious Louis question is specific, serious or a spark plug for discussion. This is a really wonky piece of legislation — what’s got you tied up? What’s something the national conversation is missing?

How does the health-care debate hit home for you?


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