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Stay Curious, St. Louis. You're winning awards.

civil war and best doughnut images

It's been just over a year since we introduced Curious Louis — our reporting project where you ask the questions and we find the answers — to St. Louis.

Since then you've asked a lot of questions. But most importantly, we've answered a lot of questions, with your help. 

Curiosity Awards!

And here's some good news from Hearken, the people who created the platform on which Curious Louis is based: we've won two awards in their first-ever Champions of Curiosity Awards!

Steve Flick asked, “Why does the Civil War still hold sway over St. Louis and Missouri?” This is a big question, but St. Louis Public Radio reporter Mary Delach Leonard took an approach that the Hearken judges called "inventive." They appreciated how Mary formatted the story like a walking tour with ample background about our city's monuments. She also went the extra mile — she actually wore out a pair of shoes! — by helping you understand how the monuments connect to today's politics and culture in The Lou.

For their efforts, Mary and Steve received Hearken's story award for, "Most creative approach to answering a question."
Arts and culture reporter Willis Ryder Arnold also received kudos for the Curious Louis story, "In search of the perfect doughnut." He and Andwele Jolly, who asked about St. Louis' best doughnuts, teamed up for this scouting mission. Our intrepid team searched the city and found a range of offerings that are still debated on our social media channels.  It was clear to Hearken's judges that this delectable tale was "The most fun story to report." 

Thanks to Andwele and Steve for submitting their questions and sharing their curiosity with the St. Louis Public Radio audience!

What are your questions?

You can get inspired by all of the Champions of Curiosity winners — nationwide and internationally — on Hearken's blog.