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Police pursuing multiple leads related to Ferguson police shooting

St. Louis County Police Department Chief John Belmar gives update on case involving to shot police officers
Willis Ryder Arnold | St. Louis Public Radio
St. Louis County Police Department Chief John Belmar said detectives are still pursuing all leads to find who shot two police officers in Ferguson.

Detectives are working around the clock to determine who shot two police officers outside the Ferguson Police Department Wednesday night. That was the message St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar delivered in a press briefing Friday evening.

Both officers were wounded but returned home yesterday. Belmar said it’s unclear whether the shots were fired by one person or multiple individuals. He’s also unsure whether the shots were fired by anyone connected to that evening’s protesters. 

“It’s kind of really hard to speculate what kind of nexus there may have existed regarding the shooters and any individuals who would have been out there for whatever reason,” he said.

Belmar offered little in the way of concrete information. He said officials have a pretty good idea of where the shots came from but nothing conclusive. Earlier, police questioned three people from an area house but determined they were dead ends, he said.

“There were several leads that came into us regarding that specific house. We were able to investigate that and I don’t feel that’s going to lead us anywhere regarding that investigation,” said Belmar.

At the briefing Belmar requested any tips or help from the public.  He also mentioned a $10,000 reward from Crimestoppers St. Louis for information that leads to an arrest in the case. The chief said the department has already received numerous calls, and is pursuing several leads but none have produced a suspect.