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Antonio French Thinks Grand Jury May Indict Darren Wilson

St. Louis Alderman Antonio French documents a Ferguson press conference in August.
Jason Rosenbaum/St. Louis Public Radio

Many protest leaders in and around Ferguson have expressed doubt that the grand jury will indict Darren Wilson for the death of Michael Brown.

But St. Louis Alderman Antonio French says he thinks an indictment is possible.

“I have not given up hope that there will be an indictment,” French said. “I think the evidence warrants at least a trial. And I think ultimately that’s what the community needs in order to heal the long-term wounds.”

French does agree with the general consensus that if the grand jury does not indict Wilson there will be large-scale protests.

The alderman was a guest Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” where he spoke of the breakdown of trust between police and some communities because the police racially profile them.

“You can’t paint with broad brushes, and you have to understand that there may be some people, just like any American group, that engage in criminal activity. But you can’t paint everyone in the same group. And there’s a consequence to when you do that,” French said.

French said that the breakdown of trust is especially dangerous in high-crime neighborhoods because police can’t be effective without trust.