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Results At A Glance For Key Missouri, Illinois Races

A touch-screen voting machine. Most voters in St. Louis County are expected to use the touch-screen machines in tomorrow's municipal elections.
(via Flickr/lowjumpingfrog)
A touch-screen voting machine. Most voters in St. Louis County are expected to use the touch-screen machines in tomorrow's municipal elections.

Here are the latest — and in most cases final — results from some of the most competitive Missouri and Illinois races. For details, go to the Missouri secretary of state, the St. Louis County Board of Elections and the St. Louis Board of Election Commissioners.

In addition, incumbents who had little or no major party opposition won as expected. They include U.S. Rep. William Lacy Clay, D-St. Louis; U.S. Rep. Ann Wagner, R-Ballwin; U.S. Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, R-St. Elizabeth; Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich, a Republican; St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch, a Democrat; and St. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman, a Democrat.

Winners below are marked with an asterisk.

St. Louis County Executive

* Steve Stenger (D): 137,638 (47.73 percent)

Rick Stream (R): 135,870 (47.12 percent)

Theo Brown (Lib): 7,970 (2.76 percent)

Joe Passanise (Con): 3,200 (1.27 percent)

St. Louis County Council 5th District:

* Pat Dolan (D): 25,250 (57.48 percent)

Jennifer Bird (R): 18,624 (42.40 percent)

St. Louis Recorder of Deeds

* Sharon Carpenter (D): 35,971 (61.20 percent)

Jennifer Florida (I): 15,918 (27.08 percent)

Missouri Senate 22nd District

Jeff Roorda (D): 18,773 (45.72 percent)

* Paul Wieland (R): 22,208 (54.09 percent)

Missouri Senate 24th District

* Jill Schupp (D): 27,662 (49.91 percent)

Jay Ashcroft (R): 26,030 (46.96 percent)

Jim Higgins (Lib): 1,715 (3.09 percent)

Missouri House 90th District

* Deb Lavender (D): 7,536 (51.49 percent)

Gina Jaksetic (R): 7,092 (48.46 percent)

Missouri House 94th District

Vicki Englund (D): 4,220 (44.23 percent)

* Cloria Brown (R): 5,309 (55.64 percent)

Missouri constitutional amendments

Amendment 2 to allow a criminal suspect’s past history of alleged criminal acts, even if no charges were filed, to be used in sex-crime cases involving victims under the age of 18.

* Yes: 842,086 (72.76 percent)

No: 315,197 (27.23 percent)

Amendment 3 to eliminate teacher tenure.

Yes: 270,581 (22.97 percent)

* No: 907,137 (77.02 percent)

Amendment 6 to set up a system of early voting, but only if the General Assembly appropriates the money.

Yes: 323,874 (28.26 percent)

* No: 821,823 (71.73 percent)

Amendment 10 to curb the governor’s powers when it comes to withholding spending in the state budget.

* Yes: 655,77 (57.60 percent)

No: 482,701 (42.39 percent)


Pat Quinn (D): 1,341,403 (46.7 percent)

* Bruce Rauner (R): 1,436,202 (50 percent)

U.S. Senate from Illinois

* Dick Durbin (D): 1,527,390 (53.8 percent)

Jim Oberweis (R): 1,204,783 (42.4 percent)

U.S. Representative, 12th District, Illinois

Bill Enyart (D): 68,021 (39 percent)

* Mike Bost (R): 97,003 (55 percent)

Paula Bradshaw (Green): 10,267 (6 percent)

Susan Hegger comes to St. Louis Public Radio and the Beacon as the politics and issues editor, a position she has held at the Beacon since it started in 2008.