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Gay Gains: It Was A Good Year For The St. Louis-area LGBT Community


Same-sex marriage in Illinois was the cherry on top of the cake of advancements for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in the St. Louis area in 2013. But for those who oppose the marriage of two men or two women, it was more of a cherry bomb.

Beginning in June 2014, Illinois’ same-sex couples can wed in their home state. It’s unclear if lesbian and gay Missourians can also tie the knot there but Gov. Jay Nixon did give the go-ahead for Missouri’s same-sex couples to file joint state income tax returns.

Marriage in Illinois followed a year of local and national progress in which a key part of the federal Defense of Marriage Act was overturned and thenumber of Missouri municipalities withLGBT legal protections reached 14.

But the news in 2013 wasn't all good for the LGBT community. In October, the Missouri Supreme Court ruled that the same-sex partner of a deceased highway patrolman was not eligible for survivor's benefits.

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