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Illinois Sends $7 Million To Prison Diversion Program

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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s office has announced $7 million in grants aimed at funneling non-violent offenders away from prison and into community-based services. 

The funds come through Adult Redeploy Illinois, a program that encourages local jurisdictions to treat and supervise certain offenders, using tools like drug courts and mental health courts.

Quinn's office says the program saves up to $17,000 per year for each offender.

"It gives non-violent offenders the tools and services they need to turn away from crime, while at the same time saving the state millions in incarceration costs," says David Blanchette, the governor's spokesman.

The funds will be divided among 34 counties, including Madison, St. Clair, and Jersey Counties.

Jurisdictions that receive funds agree to reduce the number of non-violent offenders sent to the Illinois Department of Corrections by 25 percent.