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McCaskill Endorses Clinton's Potential Presidential Campaign...Again?

Wikimedia Commons/Frank Plitt for Clinton’s image & Senator McCaskill’s Official Flickr account.

If you're having a sense of déjà vu after reading national headlines about Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill endorsing Hillary Clinton's potential run for president, you're not crazy. The Democratic Senator actually endorsed Clinton when she stepped down as Secretary of State in February.

Back then, McCaskill wrote, "I know that Hillary will succeed in whatever comes next for her—and if her future plans include seeking the Presidency, which I hope they do, then I look forward to being on her team and working my heart out to see her elected.”

That hasn't stopped many in the national media from jumping on a similar statement McCaskill made on Tuesday. Someeven referred to it as "breaking" news.

But what is actually noticeable about the second endorsement is that McCaskill is technically endorsing Clinton's Super PAC: Ready for Hillary.

“Hillary Clinton had to give up her political operation while she was making us proud, representing us around the world as an incredible Secretary of State, and that’s why Ready for Hillary is so critical,” McCaskill wrote in a release put out by the PAC.

McCaskill then discusses the importance of a grass-roots movement to entice Clinton to run, although the Super PAC is in fact staffed by mega donors who have given millions to Democratic causes.

Ready for Hillary has yet to file any disclosures, but will have to in mid July. The PAC did tell the FEC in January that it intends to use its Super PAC status to raise funds in an unlimited amount.

McCaskill and Clinton have had a rocky relationship. The St. Louis Beacon wrote about their past after McCaskill's original endorsement:

Former President Bill Clinton showed up at a fundraising event for McCaskill in St. Louis, and Hillary Clinton had committed to follow suit with a fundraiser in New York a few weeks before the election. But days before that scheduled fundraiser, McCaskill– asked during an appearance on “Meet the Press” if Bill Clinton had been a great president – told host Tim Russert that she did think so, but she had some problems with his “personal issues.” She added: “I think he's been a great leader, but I don't want my daughter near him.” According to a detailed account in “Game Change,” Hillary Clinton canceled the fundraiser as soon as she learned of McCaskill’s comment.

McCaskill apologized to the Clintons, although she endorsed then-Senator Barack Obama over Clinton's primary bid.

“They aren’t only reaching out to folks who supported Hillary in 2008," McCaskill said. "They’re helping to show that regardless of who you supported for President back then, we can all agree today that there is nobody better equipped to be our next President than Hillary Clinton.”

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