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World Wide Technology Gave Big Donations To Nixon – But Others Too

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On Thursday, the Associated Press reported that the same day Democratic Governor Jay Nixon decried large donations in his State of the State speech, he received a five-figure contribution from a firm whose state contract is up for renewal.

Nixon has been receiving large donations throughout the year, already receiving over $250,000 from various corporations and PACs in just 4 weeks. But this donation in particular, from a company with a contract with the state, on the very day that he denounced donations, has elicited a response from Republicans.

From the AP:

But some Republican lawmakers suggested the contribution creates the appearance of impropriety and highlights the hypocritical nature of Nixon's call for lawmakers to reinstate "strict campaign contribution limits." "At a minimum, that doesn't look too good," said Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Kurt Schaefer, R-Columbia. "It just doesn't meet the smell test," added Senate Majority Leader Ron Richard, R-Joplin. "He ought to practice what he preaches."

And it isn't only those two Republicans who have taken interest in this story. Republican Senate President Pro Tem Tom Dempsey seemed incredulous when he linked to the story.

And Republican Speaker of the House Tim Jones also tweeted the story.

But Dempsey and Jones shouldn't be wholly unfamiliar with World Wide Technology Inc., considering its founder has donated to both of them. In fact, David Steward, the founder of the company, donated to more Republicans than Democrats in 2012, although the amount he donated to Democrats was much more.

Steward and his company donated to 14 Republicans last year, totaling $22,500. He also donated to 10 Democrats, altogether giving  $104,050.

You can see the group's entire donations from 2012 below.

Hover over the bar graph to see what each donation represents.

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